Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Do You Turn To?

Last night I heard a story about this 20 something English woman who was "harassed" in passing somewhere along the Deira area. The woman apparently was coming from the Hamarain Centre right after closing time and going towards her car. Ironically, take note that this place is a stone's throw away from the Police Station. A dark man who suddenly appeared from nowhere approached the woman from the front. Upon crossing paths, then man unalarmingly made a move to feel her chest area. In an instant, the woman's mobile phone rang and when she picked it up and held it to her ear, the man's hand mistakingly landed on her arm. The woman kinda surprised continued talking on the phone while looking back at the dark man who was now walking away from her. She opened her car door, drove away and made it home safe.

Situations like this are never far from happening in our daily lives. Assailants will appear unknowingly when you least expect it. The woman was still fortunate that her aggressor just walked away and ignored the failed attempt. Having a high social or economic status should not be treated as a safety blanket for someone to be immune to attack. Reputation or anonymity are not deterrents for bad elements of society to do their bidding. This can happen to anyone.

In similar situations when you are by your lonesome, police out of sight, light of day gone, who do you turn to?

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