Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visayan Knife Fighting

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the fine art of Visayan Knife Fighting using superior weapon technology of non-counterability and total demolition of the enemy.

It is said that three seconds is the allowable time for one to get in and out and finish your business with your opponent. The longer time it takes, the deeper you sink to the ground... 6 feet to be exact.

The truth of the matter is, death is the absolute destroyer of happiness. At one time you maybe enjoying a good and healthy body while having a happy family. But when one family member dies, all the happiness in the world that you currently enjoy vanishes. People prepare for death to prepare for the after-life. People who do not believe in life after death live life to the fullest on earth disregarding anything that has to do with the good of his fellowman.

If one believes in life, it is just befitting to be prepared for death but it is also seemly to take measures on how to preserve life.

We as an organization practice real world street awareness and combat survival realism. We respect each and everyone who wishes to experience what true fighting is, through brotherhood and camaraderie, and those who respect our existence.

Once you are in the group, expect that we will develop you as a fighter with the ability to destroy the enemy without any recovery through tactical and strategic training. We expect serious practitioners who wants to be taught and not teach, to respect and trust the instructor and approach each lesson with humility and gratitude.

We do not tolerate any disobedience and various acts of disloyalty. Anyone found with such will be punishable by the Supreme Grand Magistrate, Sovereign of the Highest Order in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

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