Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Moments that Take your Breath Away

Training in Pekiti-Tirsia the traditional way has neven been easy. Show me a Pekiti-Tirsia class who has relaxed training and I tell you now that it is not authentic. The first day alone gives the un-initiated blistered hands, heavy feet, sore muscles and shortness of breath among many others. I've even seen people use the stick for support like a walking cane. And there are even a few who never made it to the second day. With the art being available worldwide, it's sad to know that there are some posers out there who claim to be masters, but in reality, they re just masters of marketing... making the art a business. One should be very wary into entering a new class. Ask around if the instructor is indeed teaching the right stuff to his students. Most newbies usually gets blinded by flashy disarming moves, locks, and high flying acrobatics. But the truth is far from this. For all you know it, out there, you'd be dead in a blink of an eye before you can even begin your turning roundhouse kick. Given an encounter with 3 knife-wielding thugs while you do not have any available weapons, would you even have time to pull-off to disarm all 3 of them? This can be only seen in Hollywood.

Training should be taken seriously. One should not be only training during class but even during sleeping. You may not know that someone would attack you in your sleep. An attack usually comes when you least expect it. So always be alert and anticipate that someone will attack you. How you would react to this type of situation is part of the mental aspect of training. After picturing the attack going on in your head, practice the scenario and possible options by your lonesome or with a partner. This would get your prepared for the actual encounter.

Techniques are a dime a dozen in Pekiti-Tirsia. There is no set technique for a specific situation because there are no 2 exact same situations. This is the wonder of Pekiti-Tirsia because we are always evolving... adjusting ourselves to fit the situation, or rather, make the situation fit you. Make them fight your fight and not you fight theirs and you have won half the battle. Coming out alive is the other half. Hide, fight or flee are the most common options in a self-defense scenario, but when you are trained in Pekiti-Tirsia, it just becomes a part of your life. You won't panic when faced with these type of situations. The moments that take your breath away will awaken the sleeping warrior within and spark the fire within you and accomplish what should be done, Do or Die!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sicas Famosus Combat Instruments

Aluminum training knives

Ceramic training knives
Rattan sticks - light training sticks

Bahi sticks - heavy training sticks

Kamagong sticks - heavy training sticks

Dubai Sicas Famosus black training t-shirt

Dubai Sicas Famosus orange training t-shirt

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Complete Warrior

With age and experience comes the venerability of the soul. A wise person becomes wiser with age and a challenged person only becomes more challenged. For one to survive in difficult times, one needs to be complete or one should try to be. In every aspect of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, the complete warrior should be well-equipped.

- Nourishment
If someone wants to live long enough, be strong and healthy for you to see your grandchildren, you should supply your body with the proper nutrients and stay away from bad vices. Treat the food as fuel to power your body. What goes in also comes out.

- Academic Study
By powering the body, one has to also power the brain. Without proper knowledge or enrolling yourself in an institution that can bring out the best in you, you are short changing yourself from proper education and academic know-how. As one progresses in life, research and continuous study in essential fields is required. As the great Sun Tzu said, know yourself, know your enemy, and the battle is won.

- Prayers & Proper Guidance
What the body needs is also needed by the spirit and heart. A spirit at peace gives you a sense of well-being and peace of mind. This is priceless. Knowing that you are getting the proper guidance and prayers gives the person an extra edge in any ordeal. You will be needing enough prayers to make it through the tough times and get an insurance for your soul. Family and loved ones contribute a great deal to a warrior's development.

- Physical Training
All of the above mentioned will be put to waste when someone takes the life away from you. It is known that death is the ultimate destroyer of happiness. A person who believes in life not death, abhors the evil doers and takes it upon himself to protect his safety and those that surround him. The discipline of the blade entitles you to partake of proper physical training needed for all adversities.