Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

As civilians, we will never truly know how it is to fight side by side with our fellow comrades for the sake of our country’s freedom for ours is a different battle. Although it is not our solemn duty to take lives of enemy insurgents and terrorists, we should not limit ourselves to passiveness. Civil vigilance should be exercised at all times. In this dire time of global crisis, in the civilian world, we have yet another war to face. Chaos and disorder is in our midst and it is just a matter of time before it personally happens to us. Families are torn apart, lives are destroyed due to drugs and violence, and people have lost touch with their spiritual side. All of us one way or another has dreamed of luxury like our little piece of heaven on earth. Complacency has taken over where vigilance should have been present. Alertness and total concern have been side-tracked because everyone had been busy by either earning an extra buck or spending time thinking of how to spend it. The person’s core values have been lost due to several distractions in this lifetime. Traditionally in the Philippines, each member of the family sits down together to eat dinner and talk about pleasant things. Now, everyone sits in front of the TV or computer while talking on the phone as if no one knew each other. There is even a vast disparity between rich and poor. The rich, treated as kings gets away with everything while treating their poor brethren as slaves. This even happens between family members. Survival has a different meaning in this world we call TODAY. It is still dog eat dog world, but in modern times. Those who are wicked can get away with everything, while the righteous are the ones who are blamed and therefore suffer the consequences. Survival of the fittest doesn’t mean the fittest are righteous.

Discovery Channel's Fight Quest with Doug Anderson training Pekiti-Tirsia

Despite everything that is going on around us, through training, we re-live these traditions that we have forgotten. In Pekiti-Tirsia, although we are not born from the same bloodline, we become family and brothers through hard work, training and dedication. There is enough motivation for us to excel because there is nowhere to go but up. We right the wrong and we throw away the rubbish. Fighting is inherent to Kali warriors because it is the only thing we know. Through war, we achieve victory. We don’t shy away from being aggressive and determined if we know we are righteous. We are humble and proud at the same time. If we are down and beaten, we stand up and spit right back at that person’s face and tell them that they cannot keep a good man down. We cross the bridge and burn everything to the ground and come out victorious. The blood, sweat and tears that we experience, we enjoy, because only by this we know we are truly alive. After hardships, there is success. We don’t take no shortcuts. If someone doesn’t go through hardships, he will not enjoy triumph. For in the end, the righteous will be rewarded and the foolish damned. Only when you take it upon yourself and truly say that you are a warrior who does not give up the fight, you emerge the winner.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Save My Life Before I Die

I found this while rummaging through some past blogs by Grand Tuhon. It's a prayer composed by Mr. Dino Martinez of the Florida PTK Pitbulls after taking inspiration from a quote from Grand Tuhon.

"Save My Life Before I Die" by Dino Martinez.

Save my life before I die... that I might not perish from this earth a small and meaningless thing, without having touched greatness, without the siren call of destiny to guide me to something greater than myself; that my searching was not in vain but that I, in the end, walked with Titans.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Principles of Range part 2

Throwing knives

Determining the correct range for one to be safe or to inflict the maximum amount of damage varies for every individual. A person's height is also relative to someone's range. For a short person, the range of 4 feet is already considered long range, but for a tall person, that may be just his medium range. If someone was wielding a weapon, then the range dramatically changes. The length of the weapon is now considered. This doesn't mean that short weapons cannot be limited to short range while long weapons are only limited to long range. Take note that long weapons although effective at a distance, can also inflict maximum damage at close quarters. Imagine a rapier being thrust through your body. In contrast, short weapons may be used as projectiles such as throwing knives and hatchets. These short weapons can penetrate skin and bone depending on the force behind the throw. There are also instances where a long range weapon becomes a projectile weapon if thrown. This even extends the long range weapon to very long range. Just picture the site of a machete, although not being balanced at the center, flying through 20 feet in the air and penetrating a wooden plywood. Even if you slightly miss, it has to do some amount of damage to the target.

A hand-held hatchet

In the field of combat, we do not limit ourselves to blades or empty hands alone. Considering the fact that your enemy is equipped with various weapons should only heighten one's awareness in knowing to operate these weapons. One should also be aware in modern warfare. In the advanced levels of Pekiti-Tirsia, Gunology or knowledge of the gun is introduced.

Various blades being forged

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Principles of Range

When talking about distance in fighting, during close quarters, you are up toe-to-toe against your opponent in close distance. Most of the attacks may be done in flurries through short distances where you may not see exactly what the other person is doing. The attacks are not see entirely because of limited vision. This is more deadly.

Close quarter fighting in Pekiti-Tirsia

Fighting close quarters also exposes the body through a number of bodily weapons. The more you fight closely, the more you are susceptible to your opponent’s weapons.

Whereas, distance fighting enables you to see from a distance what the other person is doing therefore, one can plan his/her attack and/or defense more. What someone should be aware of when fighting at a distance, is that the body is exposed from long range weapons. Examples of these are long swords, spears and staves, projectiles weapons and guns. Although this is true, one can still clear away from these weapons types since you are at a range meaning you have the option to engage or flee the situation at hand.

In Pekiti-Tirsia, it is advised that if you go close quarters, you finish off the opponent in the shortest amount of time. Only 3 seconds is allowed for you to get in, deliver your goods, and then get out. This is with the assumption that you are not only fighting with one armed opponent.