Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Blade That Sets You Free

In an ordinary person's lifetime, there are moments wherein you cannot help but feel empty and alone. Although you are comfortable and content, there are times that require you to contemplate if you are going down the right path or if you are happy with the road you took.

We do not realize this unless we get out of our comfort zone. The safety blanket that surrounds you in this thing that we call life should be removed for us to know what our true calling is. We do not know that our existence in this earth may serve a higher purpose. The fact that we are drawn into the arts speaks that there is indeed a calling, and that calling should be answered. There are a number of notable personalities who made a mark in history by going out of their comfort zone and answering their call: Jesus, Buddha, Bodhidarma, Temujin to name a few.

Through serious training in the bladed arts, one will be able to open destiny's doors by removing what is unnecessary and cultivating what is truly essential. The sweet sound of the blade is as sweet as a hummingbird's tune or of wild untarnished jungle honey; its path in the air swift and direct just like an eagle's flight down the horizon homing in on its prey. You can never imagine it until you experience it for yourself!

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