Thursday, July 22, 2010

Warrior's Camp July 2010: Essentials of the Urban Warrior

Over the course of our daily lives, we have been constant witnesses to various street crimes. Men, women and children have been robbed, raped or even murdered on a daily basis due to lack of street awareness.

On July 24-25, 2010, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Sandatahan will offer a dynamic, two day street survival training camp in Earth Heaven, San Mateo, Rizal entitled, "Warrior's Camp: Essentials of the Urban Warrior" which aims to equip the everyday civilian and young professional the necessary skills they could use when presented a crisis situation.

With this training camp, one should expect to:
- Develop the values, inner strength & winning mind-set you need to keep yourself motivated, effective and safe on the street.
- Gain valuable insight into new less-lethal options available to you.
- Learn to use crisis rehearsal and mental preparation strategies to prepare yourself for virtually any situation you may face
- Prepare yourself and your family to take immediate, potentially life-saving action during an unexpected encounter.
- Gain the mental edge you need to survive and WIN.