Monday, June 23, 2008

Art of Modern Times in the Living Past

Long gone were the days of old where platoons of men dressed in suits of armor mounting horses, carrying gallantly their swords, bows and daggers, rally up to face their aggressors in hand to hand battle. Gone were the days where spears, axes, and catapults were the tools used for warfare. How difficult it is to think that when the king fell short of foot soldiers, farmers and ordinary townsmen were called upon to turn their plowshares to swords. Sad to think that though capable, statesmen and intellectuals of the time were exempted from such order. While they were treated as national treasure, war heroes were reduced to a cement statue in memory of their efforts.

In this modern day and age, warfare could merely be executed by a simple touch of a button. It would be logical to think to not hone your physical and mental attributes since you won't be needing it... or so you think! Why bother training in a gym when you can just sit comfortably in your den playing video games? Why bother practicing target shooting when you can just buy a dog to bark when someone enters your home? Why bother training to swing the stick when you can just buy a gun and shoot? If you knew there was a possibility of a storm outside and you are commuting, would you rather bring an umbrella and need it later, or not bring one hoping that it wouldn't rain? Complacency has no room in a Kali man's life. There is no room to err. Warfare is not even limited to men, as sometimes men could not deliver when women could.

Long gone were the days where people carry swords to battle... or maybe not. The tools are different, but the nature is still the same. Engaging empty handedly in the inevitable and throwing your hopes to the wind at the possibility of it not happening is foolish if you ask me. The wise man in the storm prays to God for deliverance, but the wiser man also brings sunshine to quell the dark cloud.

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