Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Was Lost Is Now Reborn!

As Grand Tuhon Gaje says: "Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is the Art of Modern Times in the Living Past!" The practical use and counter offense against impact and edged weapons has always been and still is the focus of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali training. This is the reason why the art is still up to date as it was 100 years before.

Through the birth of Sicas Famosus Dubai, the art is propagated by indulging oneself with intense training. It is encouraged to train not every day but every minute of the day as one should be always in a training mindset when dealing with the fighting arts. In full view of the city skyline at night or out in the desert sand dunes of Dubai, distinctive young professionals from all over the world gather around to experience what is truly Filipino. It is inherent, brought by the good discipline and upbringing by their parents, that these superior individuals are the living re-incarnation of the warlords of today as real as it was in their yesterdays. It doesn't matter if one is a beginner with no actual martial experience or if one is a novice who has already mastered various arts. What is important is to have a clear mind and an empty cup when learning this killing system.

In the absence of a teacher, the student is expected to be training on his own, mastering the movements of the weapon, entry points, and respectable footwork applications. This way, when training day comes, it would not be difficult for one to grasp the lesson at hand and review the lessons previously learned. Knowing that the nature of fighting is bladed weapons through close quarters, it is expected that a practitioner is serious especially when there is a life on the line. The life may be yours or a loved one. We do not deal with sports, we mean COMBAT. Having a killer instinct as the basic mental state of mind, it is expected that killing time only takes 3 seconds flat. To achieve this is through tactical and strategic planning. The key... applying the 5 elements of combat which is speed, power, accuracy, timing and precision.

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