Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Importance of Basics

What are basics? Basics are the fundamental elements necessary for something to function and operate. To a child, his basics would be being able to stand up in an upright position, uttering mono-syllabic phrases for talking, and his first few steps are also basics for walking. In building construction, the foundations are the most heavily-loaded structural element. If the foundation is weak, the building would collapse in an earthquake. It may appear erect but would be shaky when put upon tremendous pressure.

The same thing is true with Kali. We believe that by having a strong solid base, anything and everything will follow in its proper place. One will be able to exhibit functional elegance and grace with ease when proper basic development is followed. Often times than not, a student is always in a hurry to get to the juicier parts even without developing a good solid base without realizing that even though one may be able to display technical know-how, they would not be able to exemplify proper ease of execution.

The human muscles that are developed for bare handed sports are way different than those developed for weapon-oriented arts. The way a machete is swung greatly varies from how a punch is thrown. The angles are different therefore the muscles required are different. Strategy and tactics are also different. Moreover, the nature and principles between sports and combat are also incomparable. Anybody can be a good boxer or wrestler, but put them under the discipline of the blade and he will falter.

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