Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The True Nature of Fighting

The true nature of fighting involves weapons. From time immemorial, wars were fought and won by men with the use of weapons. Kingdoms fell, countries torn, and nations emerged through the use of these tools for war. From pre-historic times, medieval times up until modern times, everything that man fought for involved some sort of an archetypal contraption for which would make his work easier tenfold.

Filipino indigenous warriors of the northern tribes

Why use weapons when hands and feet will do? Will a human use his bare hands against a 7-foot bear with sharp claws? Doesn't a hunter use a spear and a blade when he wanted to slay a lion roaming around his small town? Hands and feet just takes forever to finish the job especially when hundreds of armies fought in a great open battlefield. And up against someone who has a blade, depending only on your hands and feet already puts you at a disadvantage.

In times of peace, hand-to-hand competitions were organized to keep soldiers and men of battle to sharpen their skills and keep them on their toes. Thus, many sportive events even up to this day mirror these martial competitions. The sad thing is through time, many are disillusioned that these events are the end-all and be-all of fighting. To the public eye, these tests of pugilism and wrestling produce the ultimate fighters who cannot be conquered. Empty handed arts are only one aspect. Many have forgotten the true meaning of fighting.

Modern martial arts competitions may give you a false sense of security

In modern civilian times, people have waged war against the criminal elements prowling the streets in search for their next victim or source of sustenance. People have resorted to tazer guns and pepper sprays because bringing a knife is illegal in many parts of the globe. These thugs and gangs are aware of these tools as well. And they would do everything it takes to avoid falling victims when they supposedly are the aggressors.

Filipino prison gangs, a menace to society

In Pekiti-Tirsia, we believe in life not in death. If someone endangers someone’s life, it is our duty to protect that life. Endangering someone’s life breeds disrespect. If someone harms your life, he already disrespects you as a person and as a living individual. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In a situation where your life is threatened, it is only normal to get desperate and fight for your life. You cannot always ensure to protect your attackers' life if this happens. Your primary objective is to survive no matter what the cost. In an instance where weapons are concerned there are only three outcomes: (1) you die, (2) he dies, (3) either of you dies or survives.

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is not a martial art, it is a complete fighting system. We don't teach you martial arts, we save lives.