Thursday, October 13, 2011

Contemplations from the Duelist Workshop

Moro duel dance

The Duelist Workshop whose aim was to celebrate our brave Filipino ancestors who engaged in duels to settle disputes has just concluded last night. The 8 hour workshop which was split into 4 days final session concentrated on several footwork drills for mobility in bladed weapon combat. This also aimed to enhance one's ability in edged or impact weapon applications in preparation for one on one duelling. At least 8 2 minute rounds of sparring was completed throughout the entire workshop.


We believe that without a properly conditioned body, one may be effective in skill but may not last long enough under constant pressure. Longevity against multiple opponents or duels that last for several minutes were taken into consideration in conditioning.

Maneuvering and Mobility

The exercises and drills were not only limited to the trademark Pekiti-Tirsia triangular footwork but also touched on the conventional way of linear and circular movement.

Beats, Tempo, Timing

Whole, half, 1/3, and quarter beats were practised in strike and entry applications. Hand movements were combined with different footwork expressions to be familiar with variations in execution. The idea was for one to get comfortable with expressing oneself with multiple combination striking and not be so dependent with delivering only one powerful shot.

Speed and Accuracy

Principles of speed and accuracy were stressed all throughout the workshop. Skill building in terms of execution and finishing the fight as soon as possible (First Fatal Strike) were the main focus as opposed to power strikes which can only be advantageous to larger opponents.

Strategy and Tactics

Engaging, disengaging, cornering and baiting one's opponent were explored and practised throughout the workshop and greatly applied in all the drills and sparring sessions. The idea was to practise the strategies during the drills first and then applied later on in sparring under real-time pressure. One needed to understand that one needs to have variations by not being too predictable in a fight otherwise one's own strategies may be turned against him. One was also expected to read the opponent like a book.

Range, Entering, Evading

Principles of range were kept in check through various trademark Pekiti-Tirsia footworks. One is advised to get in and get out while constantly moving the weapon so as not to be caught by the opponent.

Stick Grappling

Combat is not limited to only weapon fighting. If two starts out with weapons, none, either one or both may end up without having a weapon. Upon entry, takedowns and grappling may come in. These realities were also touched during the workshop. One cannot rule out the possibility of grappling and striking in medium to close range since the empty hand is also considered a very dangerous weapon.

Sparring from day 2 of the Duelist Workshop

More to come

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Sandatahan will continue to conduct Duelist Workshops in the future which will serve as a regular training fight regimen for members of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Sandatahan to promote and propagate the true nature of fighting for regular civilians as the need arises. Stay glued for further updates.

One of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Sandatahan's goal is to be the premiere group to produce the best fighters in Kali/Combat sports in the world. Soon, we will be inviting like minded individuals from all martial arts disciplines from all walks of life to test their skills. No egos, no prizes, no trophies. Just pure camaraderie and learning done in good light for the love of Kali.

Aside from this, expect more future training sessions to include scenario based sparring with exposure to different elements, low light, off-hand, different terrains and volume (one against many, many against one, team tactics). Scenario based sparring sessions will also incorporate various impact weapons for testing. If you have it, we'll test it here.

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